Code of Conduct

Thai Union has in place a stringent Business Ethics and Labor Code of Conduct that aims to promote greater levels of accountability and transparency throughout our supply chains, as well as lift the entire group to performance at international standards. The Code of Conduct governs the way issues are managed at Thai Union and within our supply chains.

The Business Ethics and Labor Code of Conduct is universally applied to our employees, subsidiaries and suppliers for all our products – including those from fishery; aquaculture; and general procurement sources, i.e. livestock, packaging, food ingredients and additives, and logistics providers. It is available in 19 languages.

Through a three-step ‘social compliance program,’ Thai Union works with suppliers to:

  • Sign the Business Ethics and Labor Code of Conduct;
  • Through a capacity building program, train suppliers who wish to comply with the Code of Conduct but are currently unable to meet its commitments; and
  • Conduct supplier audits to ensure adherence to the Code of Conduct, course-correcting or terminating relationships, if necessary.

In 2017, we introduced our Fishing Vessel Improvement Program and Vessel Code of Conduct (VCoC), reflecting the unique set of working conditions on fishing vessels that necessitate special consideration. The Vessel Code of Conduct is an extension of the Thai Union Business Labor and Ethics Code of Conduct.

Thai Union’s existing and new suppliers are required to sign the Vessel Code of Conduct in order to conduct business with the company, ensuring the VCoC is applicable to all fishing vessels in the company’s supply chain.

The 2016 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) Emerging Markets ranked our performance in its “Business Codes of Conduct” metric within the 96th percentile. DJSI is among the most highly regarded metrics that evaluate global companies on their sustainability performance. Learn more about our Business Ethics and Labor Code of Conduct.

View Thai Union’s Supplier Code of Conduct here.