Sustainability at Thai Union

Our approach to sustainability

From Vision to Action

In 2015, Thai Union Group strengthened our company vision to become the world’s most trusted seafood leader. As a guiding principle, sustainability underpins our core business functions and serves as a measurable standard to which we align key decisions and practices.

Thai Union’s sustainability commitments intend to positively contribute to long-term socio-economic development, natural resource conservation, and ethical business conduct.

We recognize the wider complexities of the seafood industry, and we are working hard to address both emerging and ongoing challenges in a changing business landscape to meet our stakeholders’ varied expectations.

Sustainable and ethical engagement with both the people and natural resources along our supply chain is fundamental to our approach. Thai Union’s corporate vision, mission and values guide how we conduct our business, while our Business Ethics and Labor Code of Conduct specifies the tactical mechanisms for professional, respectful and fair dealings both in our daily operations and with our suppliers.


SeaChange® is Thai Union’s global sustainability strategy, consisting of four programs designed to deliver against our own stretching sustainability objectives and, in the process, drive meaningful improvements across the entire global seafood industry.

Overarching objectives

  • The seas are sustainable now and for future generations, through our work to improve fisheries;
  • Our workers are safe, legally employed and empowered; and
  • The vessels we buy from are legal and operate responsibly.

Each program has individual goals for the year 2020 and a supporting action plan. We opened SeaChange® for international consultation from March to July 2016 to obtain external insights and feedback. Revisions to the program reflect our stakeholders’ views.


SeaChange®will be delivered in accordance with Thai Union’s operating principles of good governance and transparency.

“We see sustainable business development as a strategic opportunity for long-term growth and resilience, rather than a threat or burden.” – K.THIRAPHONG CHANSIRI, PRESIDENT AND CEO