Chicken of the Sea® Announces a Responsible Aquaculture Commitment to support the SeaChange® IGNITE Collaboration with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Thai Union

1 MAY 2019, EL SEGUNDO, CA -- Chicken of the Sea®, in line with their SeaChange® IGNITE initiative announced the formation of a Responsible Aquaculture Commitment that will drive efforts to bring full traceability and sustainability to its aquaculture supply chains.

The commitment lays out a plan for 100 percent of COS branded aquaculture products to meet Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch recommended ratings₁ and certifications as well as social responsibility standards accepted by Global Seafood Sustainability Initiative (GSSI) or Social Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) through fully traceable supply chains.

Progress towards this commitment is already well established with a target of achieving 100 percent of the goal by 2025. This commitment is inclusive of all steps in the production process to ensure Chicken of the Sea's aquaculture supply chains are fully traceable and sustainable - from harvest to consumption. Projects in support of this commitment are already under way in Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Indonesia.

"We will achieve these standards by supporting groups of farms in Aquaculture Improvement Projects (AIPs) undergoing environmental and social improvements at a coordinated regional scale. To meet our goals, we will continue to partner with stakeholders from NGOs, governments, and supply chain members to make improvements and bring sustainable products to market," said Roxanne Nanninga, Sustainability Director, Thai Union North America. "SeaChange® IGNITE serves as the primary vehicle for driving sustainability improvements on the ground to achieve the standards set forth by Chicken of the Sea's Responsible Aquaculture Commitment."

"Chicken of the Sea's timebound commitment to responsible, traceable aquaculture bodes well for seafood sustainability." said Jennifer Kemmerly, Director of Global Fisheries and Aquaculture at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. "The scale of their sourcing means that a commitment of this caliber could drive real improvements for farms and communities around the world."

SeaChange® IGNITE is an initiative formed through the collaboration of Monterey Bay Aquarium, Chicken of the Sea® and Thai Union to advance new sustainability improvement projects throughout the supply chain to advance Thai Union's SeaChange® objectives. There will be a focus on improvements in South and Southeast Asia and other key seafood producing regions.

This initiative aims to vertically integrate improvements throughout the supply chain while delivering sustainable products to the North American market. SeaChange® IGNITE will support advances necessary for sustainability, including direct economic incentives to producers, through improvement projects and engagement throughout the supply chain.

Thai Union Group PCL. is the world's seafood leader bringing high quality, healthy, tasty and innovative seafood products to customers across the world for more than 40 years.

Today, Thai Union is regarded as the world's largest producer of shelf-stable tuna products with annual sales exceeding THB 133.3 billion (US$ 4.1 billion) and a global workforce of over 47,000 people who are dedicated to pioneering sustainable, innovative seafood products.

The company's global brand portfolio includes market-leading international brands such as Chicken of the Sea, John West, Petit Navire, Parmentier, Mareblu, King Oscar, and Rügen Fisch and Thai-leading brands SEALECT, Fisho, Qfresh, Monori, Bellotta and Marvo.

As a company committed to innovation and globally responsible behavior, Thai Union is proud to be a member of the United Nations Global Compact, and a founding member of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF). In 2015, Thai Union introduced its SeaChange® sustainability strategy.

Thai Union's on-going work on sustainability issues was recognized by its inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Emerging Markets (DJSI) in 2014. In 2018, Thai Union was rated No. 1 in the Food Products Industry in the DJSI, while also being listed for the fifth straight year. Thai Union is also part of the FTSE4Good Emerging Index and the winner of many awards for its leading work on sustainability.

With a mission to inspire conservation of the ocean, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is the most admired aquarium in the United States, a leader in science education and a voice for ocean conservation through comprehensive programs in marine science and public policy. The Aquarium's Seafood Watch program is part of a comprehensive initiative to improve the sustainability of global fisheries and aquaculture, through policy leadership, scientific research, industry partnerships and consumer engagement. Everything we do works in concert to protect the future of our blue planet. More information at and at


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