Customer Relationship Management and product responsibility

Continuously maintaining good relationships with our many international customer groups is important to our long-lasting success. We design and create customized products that meet the demands of consumers in various markets throughout the different regions we serve.

Thai Union is committed to providing the highest satisfaction and greatest possible benefit to our consumers by ensuring top quality, healthy, nutritious and sustainable products from identifiable and ethical sources.

As customers have long been prioritized among Thai Union’s most important stakeholders, we adhere to the following policies designed with our customers in mind:

  • Thai Union produces high quality food using top-of-the-line technology and standardized manufacturing processes to ensure food safety and traceability of our products and raw materials. We continuously innovate new and improved products and processes to ensure customer benefit and satisfaction.
  • We determine the price of our goods and services to appropriately reflect the quality of our products and our customers’ service demands.
  • At Thai Union, we keep our prices as reasonable as possible while maintaining quality of service standards, as identified by our customers and industry standards.
  • We meet or exceed our customers’ on-time delivery expectations, adhering to delivery schedule commitments given to customers, while maintaining high quality products and services.
  • Thai Union is polite, hospitable and honest with our customers. We treat every customer with fairness and equality.
  • At Thai Union, we comply with mutually agreed upon contract terms and conditions; if meeting our commitments is not viable, we will inform our customers in advance and identify a solution to prevent irreversible damage to our stakeholders.
  • We will provide timely, accurate and sufficient information and instructions on the features and specifications of our products and goods of services.
  • We maintain the confidentiality of customer information and only use it for the purpose in which we obtained the information.
  • Thai Union has a special department and/or appointed personnel responsible for handling customer complaints and prompt responses.
  • We will not receive bribes; nor will we offer bribes to our customers.

Thai Union engages third parties to conduct customer satisfaction surveys to ensure neutrality in accordance with internationally accepted standards and criteria. The surveys allow us to understand feedback and perceptions which could improve our product delivery, quality, R&D, service, customers’ loyalty and sale efforts. The scores are also used internally to evaluate existing products and the development of new products.

Product responsibility

At Thai Union, we commit to delivering our customers nutritious seafood products of the highest quality and safety standards. We recognize our leading role in enhancing health and wellness for people of all ages and across socioeconomic statuses.

As a responsible food manufacturer, Thai Union utilizes extensive procedures to control the safety and quality of products throughout the supply chain and at all stages of our operations from procurement and processing to packaging and distribution. We adopt the most stringent domestic and international standards to ensure that our products meet safety and quality requirements and adhere to our sustainable sourcing policies.

Rising consumer health awareness and more stringent nutrition regulations are the key drivers for our product innovation. We embrace the opportunity to contribute to a healthier society through the creation of innovative, safe and nutritious products. We believe our commitment to health and nutrition will strengthen customer trust and keep us competitive within a dynamic marketplace.

Health and nutrition of products

Nutrition labeling is an important public health tool to promote nutrition and well-being so consumers can make healthy food choices. Providing accurate and factual product labeling and information is part of our business accountability.

Thai Union’s nutrition fact labeling underscores our claim that Thai Union products provide healthy nutrition, according to U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines. Consumers can learn essential information about our products from the labels, such as nutrition facts, nutrition claims, eco-labels and carbon footprint.