Thai Union and IUCN Launch Project to Support Coastal Communities

8 June 2016, Bangkok. Thai Union Group PCL (TU) has partnered with IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature to enhance community capacity and develop sustainable fisheries in Pathiu Bay, Chumphon Province, Thailand.

The project will work to strengthen the resilience of communities and the ecosystems they depend on. This will be done through collaboration with external parties to develop knowledge, capacity and long-term plans for integrated coastal resources management.

Dr. Darian McBain, global director for sustainable development for Thai Union commented on the launch of the project. “A collaborative project like this is vital to coastal communities, as it ensures that community members have the capacity and ability to utilize their resources sustainably”, she said.

The project will also aim to establish a link with Thai Union’s supply chain for certified fishery products from the community that will ensure sustainable fishing and aquaculture practices.

A preliminary assessment conducted by IUCN found the “need for communities in the area to create more sustainable fisheries, in particular through the minimization of by-catch and protection of juvenile fish.”