Bellotta Cat Food Packaging Transforms into Fun Cat Playhouses

Creative move aligns with Bellotta’s desire to reuse existing packaging


Caption: The Cat Manor (value 899 baht) is made using packaging from three cartons of Bellotta’s 400g can wet cat food and designed for your cats to enjoy

Caption: The Mini Cat House (value 359 baht) is made of packaging from two cartons of Bellotta’s 85g can wet cat food.

BANGKOK - March 22, 2021 - As healthy pets need a lot of love, attention and stimulation – in addition to good nutritious and healthy food – Bellotta, a leading Thai cat food brand, has created a packaging solution that meet the needs of cat guardians looking for quality wet food as well as a playhouse for their furry friend. Bellotta has turned its cat food cartons into a fun house for felines - complete with a bridge, ball, paper fish and a small windmill – designed so that the kitty can play, sit and sleep inside. This further aligns with Bellotta’s desire to keep your furry friend physically and mentally well by allowing them to eat healthy and play while, at the same time, reusing existing packaging, said Pichitchai Wongpiya, the President of Thai Union’s global PetCare business.

The Cat Houses come in two versions: a mini Cat House created using the packaging for two cartons of 85g canned food; and the Cat Manor, which is made of packaging from three cartons of 400g cans of food.

The Bellotta products that come with the packaging that transforms into these Cat Houses are now available at JD Central.