Thai Union celebrates Earth Day 2021

Today, 22 April 22, is Earth Day, which marks global awareness on environmental issues. Founded in 1970 by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) as a day of global cooperation to promote environmental efforts and sustainable development, it is the day of the year where people around the world come together to showcase initiatives designed to protect the earth for future generations.

Thai Union is committed to Healthy Living, Healthy Oceans as well as a healthy earth, not just today in celebration of Earth Day, but every day!

Today is also the time to reflect on what we have done for our planet, and what else we can do going forward to guard this precious gift from Mother Nature for generations to come. Thai Union is committed to helping protect the earth by minimizing our consumption of natural resources and working to reduce any adverse impact to the environment. Last year, we exceeded our 2020 intensity targets for water consumption reduction and waste-to-landfill reduction. We have also lowered our intensity of water withdrawal and waste disposed to landfill by 26 percent and 69 percent respectively, compared with 2016 levels.

We are proud to be making progress towards our greenhouse gas intensity reduction target and, in 2020, we reduced our greenhouse gas intensity emissions by 28 percent; and we continued with our Sun Seeker Project to install solar rooftops in our factories last year. We have achieved a total solar capacity of 8.3 MW, producing 14,606,460 kWh, since 2017, resulting in greenhouse gas reduction of approximately 7,595 tons of CO2 equivalent.

We also have an ambitious sustainable packaging commitment to ensure 100 percent of our branded packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025, as well as an average of 30 percent recycled content in our branded packaging by then.

We remain committed to Healthy Living, Healthy Oceans and a healthy earth – we hope you are as well!