Achieving scientific breakthroughs to enhance consumer satisfaction, shareholder investment and industry sustainability.

The GIC is driven by a collaborative culture centered on generating novel solutions based on consumer and production insights. Under the guidance of recognized experts in research, technology, innovation, and business management, the GIC has assembled a world-class team of Principal Investigators and Advisory Board Members. Our team of industry experts stationed worldwide applies local consumer insights and market trends to emerging products, processes, and technologies; enabling GIC outputs to drive global market success.

The GIC is structured on three pillars:


A long-term focus on establishing the fundamentals that drive insights into new processes, technologies, and products.

  • A. Fundamental Knowledge

    Fundamental knowledge of seafood, including nutritional composition, biochemical changes during storage and processing, and physiological structure of fish muscle, enables Thai Union to understand the nutritional value of tuna and-above all-how to maintain nutritional qualities within tuna from catch to consumption.
  • B. Health and Wellness

    Thai Union seeks to identify and elevate seafood’s nutritional benefits and leverage technology to more effectively extract nutrients such proteins and fats; helping to instill our products as an essential part of any healthy and balanced diet.
  • C. Processing

    Disruptive technology and engineering solutions transform how Thai Union processes our seafood to deliver differentiated product attributes, sustainable processes, and high-quality standards. We implement digital engineering, machine learning, and sensor technology to develop fast and continuous product flow across our factories at all stages; from raw material in cold storage to a finished product.
  • D. Packaging

    Thai Union creates and delivers breakthrough innovative packaging through fundamental research on material science, focusing on sustainability and bringing new convenient formats to consumers to create excitement. Biomaterial production, biodegradable materials technology, and surface coating engineering are studied to develop functional packaging materials.
  • E. Sensory

    Thai Union examines worldwide consumer trends and consumption behaviors to inform product development, ensuring our products reflect localized sensory preferences such as aroma, flavor, and texture. This involves identifying and mapping sensory attributes, along with consumer research to understand product preferences-creating innovative products with the highest “Driver of Liking” score.
  • F. Co-products

    With scientific understanding of seafood raw material properties, Thai Union can maximize the utilization and value of our catch by transforming it into highly valuable marine ingredients. Co-products such as protein, oil, and phospholipids can help supply the growing demand for human and clinical nutrition.
2. Innovation Support

Providing the tools and framework necessary for supporting and fostering innovation and collaboration.

3. Technology and Development

Translating science and consumer insights into commercial products and processes.