Thai Union provides training programs for our employees during the pandemic of covid-19

During the Pandemic of COVID-19, programs such as Growth Mindset and Resilience had been ran for some of our global employees, especially those who were working remotely. These 2 programs focus on self-development, and are part of our global leadership program. They are valuable, as they helped our employees reflect on how they are responding to the pandemic, and use that self-reflection as a means to focus on the areas within their control.

We had trained over 600 employees in Agile before the pandemic and continued to do so during the pandemic. However due to the remote working environment, we focused more on a short Agile trainings that were function specific. However the flow on effect from previous trainings helped our functions launched new campaigns in an Agile manner, and also helped our IT team incorporate the concepts into their project focused on manufacturing excellence.

In summary, we modified our training programs to be shorter due to the remote working environment, with a bigger priority focused on engagement.