Our Commitment to Ensuring Food Safety for Customers Around the World

At Thai Union, we are committed to complete product safety and consumer confidence. Our commitment to food safety is a top priority and forms the foundation of everything we do.

In our operations around the world, Thai Union has adopted a Quality Management System platform to ensure consistent food safety, compliance with quality standards, and create value for consumers.

We have quality control systems in place during every stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring the products we deliver the consumers around the world are safe. Thai Union also has a Combating Food Fraud and Food Defense Strategy to ensure we protect our food supply chains from food fraud and intentional adulteration of our food products.

Our compliance system begins with food safety protocols that ensure the raw materials we purchase come from vendors that are both legal and operate responsibly. Importantly, we are able to trace every product back to its source, and raw materials along every step of the manufacturing process.

 In our production facilities, the safety of our products begins with our employees. Workers have their temperature checked before entering the factory and throughout their shift must dress appropriately to avoid contamination and maintain health and safety standards in line with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Our factories are also accredited with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), another important process that protects our products from the risk of contamination. And, at the end of each shift, the entire production line is disinfected.

At Thai Union, we also have food safety protocols in place for both the manufacturing and packing processes. Our packaging, including cans and other sealed containers, are sterilized through heat at 110-120 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.

Thai Union also manufacturers frozen products for consumers globally. The food used in our ready-to-eat meals is first sanitized at 71 degrees Celsius, before being packed and frozen at -18 degrees Celsius to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Our health and safety standards also extend to the transportation of Thai Union’s products. All drivers must undergo temperature checks and are required to wear appropriate protective clothing and wash their hands with alcohol before and after touching the packaging. In addition, drivers must sanitize their delivery trucks inside and out before and after each delivery, while all packaging must be sanitized by a UV process.

As a result of these strict processes, Thai Union can proudly assure all customers around the world that the products we deliver are not only healthy and nutritious, but safe.

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