Statement from Thai Union

It was publicly reported 11 September 2017 that Thai Union's U.S. subsidiary Tri-Union Seafoods LLC (d/b/a Chicken of the Sea International) (“COSI”), operating a packaged seafood business in the United States under the brand Chicken of the Sea, received conditional leniency from the US Department of Justice (“DOJ”) in connection with the DOJ’s antitrust investigation into the U.S. packaged seafood industry.

Provided COSI continues to fully cooperate with the DOJ, COSI's conditional leniency status means that neither COSI nor any cooperating executives or employees within the scope of the investigation will face criminal fines, jail time or prosecution. Thai Union was not involved in the conduct for which COSI has received conditional leniency.

While Thai Union is named as a defendant in the follow-on civil actions that are presently consolidated and pending before a U.S. federal court in California, there is no merit to these allegations.  Thai Union has neither violated U.S. antitrust laws nor ever harmed U.S. consumers: customers have always received the highest quality tuna products at competitive prices.

Thai Union will avail itself of all options to defend itself and will vigorously dispute these civil actions, and continue to conduct business in an ethical and sustainable manner.